What to see in Murrhardt

Stadtgarten Blick auf ehemaliges Kloster Murrhardt in Baden Württemberg is situated in the Swabian forest. The town rose from the ruins of a Roman fort, built on the “Limes”, which was a defence line marking the frontier of the Roman Empire. The “Limes” are a UNESCO world heritage site.

In the early 800s a hermit called Walterich established a Benedictine monastery, around which the town grew. A beautiful old church, Walterichskirche, stands today on the site, on a hill overlooking the town. The church contain many artefacts dating back to 750AD.The nearby cemetery is also worth a visit as it is well looked after and always full of fresh flowers.

The surrounding forests form natural barriers which help to preserve the original and characteristic historical features of the old town. Murrhardt is a very attractive small town in a flat valley area of the River Murr. On each side of the valley are heavily forested hills, with pretty houses nestling between the trees. The main architecture of the town is typically of Black forest style, half timbered houses with steep overhanging roofs.
The Rathaus (town hall) stands majestically in the town square.

Bummel durch die Hauptstraße The town offers a good selection of shops, restaurants, inns, banks and cafés, mainly small independent traders, most of which are in narrow pedestrian only streets. This makes for easy & safe shopping. Many of the buildings have interesting gilded and wrought iron signs hanging outside them. There are also a couple of supermarkets just off the town centre. Parking is easy in the very stylish multi-story car park built to blend in with the architecture of the town.

Murrhardt is very well equipped to host exhibitions, cultural events and concerts with its Stadhalle, Festhalle and library. There is also a large park with covered band pavilion for holding outdoor events.

Murrhardt offers many opportunities for sport and leisure activities. Murrhardt and Château-Gontier twinned in 1966, Frome and Murrhardt in 1983, many people of both towns have formed long lasting friendships. In 2009, Rabka-Zdrój in Poland joined the alliance as youngest partner.

Author: Christine Potter, Frome